sabrina is a costume designer and curator. She works with artists of various disciplines to connect pre-colonial traditions with the British experience now and in the future. Sabrina is part of multi-discplinary, collaborative company V/DA, which works across dance, theatre, visual art and music.


2018. Hive City Legacy. Roundhouse, London (UK) costume designer
2018. Cosmic Migration. Southbank Centre, London (UK) curator
2018. Identity. East London Dance & Shoreditch Town Hall, London (UK) costume designer
2018. Throwdown. Roundhouse, London (UK) costume stylist
2018. Africa Nouveau. Nairobi (KY) creative consultant, co-producer
2017. A Study in Devotion. MARKET, London (UK). curator and costume designer
2017. Orlando Warrior. Southbank Centre, London (UK). Rich Mix, London (UK). costume designer and stylist
2016. Getting Dressed. Southbank Centre, London (UK). curator

moving image

2017. But Where Are You From? Channel 4 Random Acts. costume stylist


2017. But Where Are You From? Science Museum, London (UK). costume stylist
2017. Last stop, Palenque. Take - Fashion & Art Festival, Vienna (AT). curator and stylist

books & publications

2018. Last Stop Palenque featured in ‘Fashion & Postcolonial Critique’ (Sternberg Press) 
2018. A Study in Devotion, Nataal. curator and costume designer
2017. Frequency, Vogue Italia. curator and stylist

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